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stories. a new accuser saying former penn state coach jerry sandusky sexually assaulted him when he was just 12 and gave him booze. >>> these demonstrators attempting to take back the capital. they're staging sit-ins in front of congressional offices and camping out on the national mall. >>> it's decision day for seniors. it's the last time you can change your medicare part "d" prescription drug plan. >>> let's get a check of today's weather. rob marciano with a seat in atlanta. >> good morning. we're looking at an active weather pattern, topsy-turvy, that seems to be the theme of the early season winter that's been crazy so far. rain stretching into the northeast. the heaviest stuff is across the ohio river valley. look at memphis, arkansas, little rock included. seeing some accumulation snow overnight, even as far south as louisiana. that's what we're watching carefully. also potential for seeing rainfall across the northeast. that could be flooding at least during the rush hour, street flooding, 2 to 4 inches of some rain here during the night time, the night and in through tomor
>>> good morning. jerry sandusky goes to court with at least five men who will testify today that the former penn state defensive coordinator sexually abused them. we will have a live report from the courthouse. >>> president obama wants to extent the payroll tax cut, but now he's threatening to veto a republican plan that would do just that. find out what else is in that bill and why the democrats don't like it. >>> with the last u.s. troops leaving iraq this month, we'll have former vice president dick cheney if he thinks the u.s. won the war and what he thinks will happen next. >>> and the russian billionaire who owns an nba team says he'll challenge strong man vladimir putin in next year's election. we'll hear what makhali prokohrav told "60 minutes" on this tuesday, december 13th. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i believe it is. you said december 13th and i realized we're only 12 days from christmas. >> the countdown is on baby. good morning. >> lots to get to this morning. we begin with morning with the swrarry sa
here "the d.r. show," the surprising turn of events from the jerry sandusky case. live from the scene of what was expected to be a dramatic hearing for the accused former coach today. the mega panel weighs in ppt. >>> plus, one of the top banking names in finance, who has a book out saying that we all need to save the big banks from themselves. >>> and would you give up sex for an entire year in order to see your favorite team take the bcs championship? the survey proving all's fair in love and sports, still to come. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ over time, my lashes thinned. after 40, i didn't have enough lashes. i'd heard of latisse® but had questions. my doctor said... latisse® is the only fda approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes. now with latisse® my lashes are longer, darker, with more
ticket he was on the deans list. >>> in penn state sex abuse case former football coach jerry sandusky is expected in court for an important hearing tomorrow new questions are being raised about key testimony about him. there are various versions of what a graduate student saw in a campus shower in 2002 here is paul wagner with our story. >> reporter: on march 1st, 2002, mike mcquery says he entered the locker room of the lash football building on the university campus and was surprised to see the lights on he told the grand jury he saw a young boy he believed about 10, being sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky, he then left the building and told his father what he saw the two then decided mcquery would tell head football coach joe paterno in the grand jury report there is no mention of a second person at the meeting between mcquery and his father but according to a report in harrisburg patriot news a family friend was there as well. the paper, quoting a source says the friend asked him three times if he saw anything sexual and three times, he said no. according to the source. if true
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situation where kids were playing in a pool with jerry sandusky, was later separated from that group and taken on a tour by jerry sandusky of the football building. now, a lot of other incidents have happened at that football building, but all of them have been alleged to have happened in a shower. this man is saying that he was taken to an office. he was given whiskey and he talked to sandusky about his life and how he ended up at the second mile and then he was assaulted before jerry sandusky took him back to the dorms. >> we know jerry sandusky has a number of charges against him already. with these new claims about sandusky, will additional charges be pressed against him, sara? >> don, that's hard to say. you know, there have been, by my account, five people have come forward since the initial charges were filed and made public allegations against jerry sandusky. they are, the majority of them, as far as we know, have also talked to the attorney general's office and given statements to police. however, it's hard to know if they are, if they are actually going to lead to charges.
to the new comments from jerry sandusky, speaking out about the child sex abuse charges against him. and when the reporter asked whether the coach is attracted to children, he begins to answer. and then watch what happens as the coach is coached by his attorney. here's abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: in this no-holds-barred interview with "the new york times," jerry sandusky maintains he is innocent of molesting eight boys for 15 years. >> i didn't do those things. >> reporter: so, why has the former penn state assistant football coach had such a difficult time tackling the one question everyone wants answered? first posed to him in a phone interview last month. >> are you sexually attracted to young, boys, underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? >> yes. >> sexually attracted, you know, i enjoy young people. >> reporter: for sandusky's alleged victims and their families, it was an especially cringe-worthy moment. >> i asked him about how he felt he had done on the answer and mr. sandusky said he wished he had done it differently. >> reporter: but just like the first time a
>>> good morning. penn state sex abuse suspect jerry sandusky gives up his right to a pretrial hearing meaning some accusers will not testify against him as intended. the latest from the courthouse. >>> president obama wants to extend the payroll tax cut and now he's threatening to veto a republican plan that will do just that. find out what else is in that bill and why the democrats don't like it. >>> the last u.s. troops leaving iraq this month, we'll ask dick cheney about that withdrawal and what he thinks will happen next. >>> and the russian billionaire who owns an nba team says he'll challenge strongman vladimir putin in next year's election. challenge strongman vladimir putin in next year's election. what prokorov said. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. >> it is a nice sunrise. >> booueautiful sunrise. >>> jerry sandusky told the judge he didn't want to go ahead with today's pretrial hearing. >> the unexpected decision means sandusky will go on trial to face 52 charges of abuse involving ten boys and chief investig
much. >>> pennsylvania, the former disgraced, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky spent his first full day at home wearing an ankle bracelet, and preparing for a court date next week. cnn contributor sara ganim has been on top of the story from the beginning. jerry sandusky's free on bail. his wife releaseded a statement saying he is innocent and asking people to have an open mind. what is the reaction in the community. >> reporter: we'll have been talking about dottie all day, what she knew, what she may have heard, specially after the release of the second grant jury presentment which say witness of the victims, number nine, alleged that he screamed out for help while being asalted in the basement of the sandusky home hoping dottie would help him but no help came. na prompted the statement dottie released proclaiming shah that she's standing by her husband, hoping people will wait to give him a chance to prove that innocence. but you know, the big question that we've been hearing today is, is she now a part of the investigation? could she be charged? the answer i
in the case. >>> jerry sandusky will face his accusers tomorrow in a pennsylvania courtroom. five of his alleged victims are expected to testify and also former assistant coach mike mcquery. he told the grand jury that in 2002 he saw a young boy being sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky in a penn state locker room shower but the patriot news is reporting a different version of that story the newspaper quotes a source who says he came home after the incident telling his father and a family friend he heard sex sounds saw a young boy peak out of the shower and a male arm grabbing the boy and pulling him out of view minutes later he saw sandusky leaving in a towel. the friend said he asked mcquery three times if he saw anything, and he said each time he said no. because of that they urged him to contact joe paterno, and not police. joe paterno is recovering from a fractured pelvis he suffered at his house saturday night and being treated for illness. >>> thank you. >>> a funeral service to be held today for the virginia tech officer killed on campus last week officer crust was gunned down b
abuse scandal. according to his lawyer a 19-year-old man claims coach jerry sandusky gave him whit key and molested him in the penn state athletic building when he was 12. next week, some plan to testify against him at a pretrial hearing. joining us from state college is jerry sandusky's lawyer joe amendola. have you spoken with your client about the latest claims? >> yes. we don't know about them at the present time. jerry denies those allegations as he has the original allegations but we hope to get more information as we proceed. >> so you're saying he is denying these along with the original ones. a lot of the alleged victims here have said and him speaking to you out to "the new york times" and bob costas, they feel re-victimized. do you believe the allegations most of the people have made are totally false? >> yes. as a matter of fact, jerry has maintained his innocence from the initial allegation back in 2008 which started off as an allegation of fondling and grew over several months into much more serious sexual activities. jerry has always denied any appropriate sexual contact
penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers for the first time in court on tuesday. jay gray joins us with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. you talk about an exfootball coach, jerry sandusky. his attorney tell itting me he's taking an active role in game planning for his first hearing on tuesday for a difficult and very pivotal week for the former nittany lion defensive coordinator. mr. sandusky, any comments? strapped with an electronic monitoring band, he appears for his first day in court, on at least 50 charges in the child sexual assault case. >> this will be a one-sided proceeding, a proceeding where the commonwealth will call witnesses who are going to say all of these horrific things happen. >> this is the first time sandusky has seen some of his accusers face to face since their horrific allegations of abuse went public. >> he's looking forward to it in a sense to see what these young men say in a court of law, under oath. while we're there with the ability to cross-examine them. >> reporter: sandusky repeatedly s
incite in a few moments. >>> penn state fallout. jerry sandusky's latest defense prompts accusers to speak out, expressing outrage over sandusky's comments. we'll have the latest on that. >> a new mystery surrounding the mona lisa. one man claims her smiled contains hidden messages, including the image of an ape and lion. do you see it? >> no, i don't. and i'm not going to lie to you, i never have. >> we'll see what that message may be. >> da vinci may have one of those that you change look at i change it. >>> charlie sheen's ex-wife, brooke mueller, led away in handcuffs. >>> herman cain suspends his presidential bid. >> reporter: this weekend was supposed to mark a new beginning for herman cain, the grand opening of his georgia headquarters, instead, cain pulled out of the race with much of the same style. music burglalared, barbecue sue pokemon was quoted. many expressed gratitude. >> he was always good humored and optimistic. we'll miss him on the campaign trail. >> reporter: saturday afternoon when cain and his wife gloria stepped off the bus in atlanta, even cain's strongest
very much. now here is jenna. >> one day after jerry sandusky's interview with "the new york times" is released, accusers are expressing outrage over the denial of wrongdoing. we turn to national investigative reporter michael isikoff. >> reporter: the public interview has angered some at penn state and reopened still painful wounds for alleged victims. accused child molester jerry sandusky tries to salvage his reputation -- >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know. >> reporter: many here at penn state wish he would stop talking. >> his lawyer probably should have put duct tape on his mouth to keep it shut. >> reporter: reaction to the four-hour interview with "the new york times" was mostly hostile in this town rocked by the scandal. the university has seen its president and legendary football coach joe paterno fired and its reputation stained. >> it definitely brings a lot of heart break to our university. it's a lot -- >> i feel everyone in the community is disgusted with it. hopefully justice will be brought to all of the people who were harmed. >>
lakes. now here's jenna. >> janice, thanks. >>> former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will face some of his accusers for the first time in court on tuesday. jay gray joins us from penn state with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jenna. yeah. as you talk about the next football coach says jerry sandusky, his attorney telling me that he is taking an active role in game planning for his first hearing on tuesday in what is sure to be a difficult and very pivotal week for the former nittany lion defensive coordinator. >> any comments? >> reporter: strapped with an electronic monitoring babd, confined by a judge to the home he has put up as part of his bail, jerry sandusky now prepares for his first day in court on at least 50 charges in this child sexual assault case. >> this is going to be a one-sided proceeding. this is going to be a proceeding where the commonwealth is going to call witnesses who are going to say all these horic things happened. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing tuesday will be the first time sandusky has seen some of his acc
. they're conflicting accounts of whether he walked in on former coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a young boy and what he told people afterward. that's pivotal in today's hearing for two former school officials. they are accused of perjury and failing to report the suspected molestation. susan candiotti is on the story for us in harrisburg, pennsylvania. what are we expecting today? >> well, it should be a very interesting and possibly a very dramatic and frankly exciting day because we might be getting more details from mike mcqueary, who you just talked about. he is in the courthouse, so are the two co-defendants in this case, tim curley and gary schultz, the two penn state officials. mike mcqueary's testimony is very critical for the state making its case. and the state has said this morning, they announced that they will hear testimony from five live witnesses and also from three people whose testimony to the grand jury will be read into the record. and this could last probably half a day. now, what's important about mike mcqueary's testimony is that he's expected to take the
state locker room shower? it depends on who you ask. what was considered key evidence in jerry sandusky's sexual abuse case is now getting a second look. sara ganin is now joining me by phone. what did you find out? >> reporter: well, kyra what, we learned was that the night that mcqueary stumbled into that locker room and stumbled upon something between jerry sandusky and a young boy, he went to his father's house seeking advice. and there was a man there who apparently heard the very first account from mike mcqueary of what happened. and he says that he asked mcqueary several times, what did you see? and several times mcqueary said he didn't see anything sexual, but heard sexual noises and saw a young boy peer around the corner of the shower before a man's arm pulled him back and then jerry sandusky exited in a towel a few seconds later. it is different than the handwritten statement that mike mcqueary gave to police in 2010. and it seems to be different than his grand jury testimony. and both of those cases, he says that he saw jerry sandusky clearly sodomizing a boy. and he goes int
. >>> former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky will be face to face with some of his accusers tomorrow morning. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> jerry sandusky will appear at a preliminary hearing on sexual assault charges. some of the accusers are expected to testify. he faces more than 50 counts of child sex abuse involving 10 boys who he met through the children's online charity that he founded. a judge will decide if prosecutors have enough evidence to send the case to trial. >>> pictures out tonight of subjects who police believe are connected to an armed robbery sunday night. the victim, a university of maryland student walking back to his apartment. he was held at gun point at 10:30 last night on rowalt drive. surveillance pictures captured show three men using the victim's credit card at a convenience store. >>> a power outage at a wastewater treatment plant in frederick, 3 million gallons of raw sewage released spilling downstream in the city's water intake areas. officials say there's no drinking to the water supply. experts are running tests on carroll creek and the mo
as well. robin, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >>> more legal troubles for jerry sandusky. the former penn state football coach hit with his first civil suit by a man who claims sandusky sexual lay bused him more than 100 times between 1992 and 1996. the unidentified alleged victim is not, not one of the original eight boys that we have been talking about. sandusky has been charged with sexually abusing in the criminal case. like the others, this boy met the coach through his charity, second mile. he was 10 years old. sandusky continues to deny all allegations. marcy hamilton is one of the lawyers representing the alleged victim in this civil case. can you tell us more about your client and what happened to him? >> well, john doe a, his name in this case, had never told a soul about the abuse until he heard about the grand jury report, and as soon as he learned that there were other victims, he was horrified. he felt terrible that he might have been responsible for other children being abused. and so he resolved to come forward and he's really mostly interested in revealing what was r
is not included in the criminal charges. the lawsuit claims that jerry sandusky abused the boy more than 100 times and threatened to harm the boy's family if he didn't keep quiet. the victim, who is now 29 years old, also claims that sandusky's abuse began well before authorities think it began. and the suit also names sandusky's second mile charity and penn state university. >>> hundreds of family and friends crowding a church near atlanta for the funeral of a florida a&m drum major. the pastor urging the crowd to stop the foolish hazing that may have killed him. robert champion, a 26-year-old junior, was found dead on a bus after one of the school's football games in orlando. the school fired the director of the marching 100, one of the most well-known marching bands in the nation. champion's family is now suing the school, saying it wants to end the culture of the cover-up of hazing there. >>> republicans now pushing a new way to keep the payroll tax cut on the books. senate republican leaders introduced a bill that would keep the payroll tax rate at its current level for another year by freezi
francisco. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky free on $250,000 bail this morning after spending a night in jail. police arrested him wednesday on ten additional charges of molesting children after two new accusers came forward. one of them told the grand jury that sandusky's wife ignored his screams for help while sandusky raped him in the basement. well now dottie sandusky has released a statement denying that saying, as the mother of six children i have been devastated by these accusations and also angry about these false accusations that such a terrible incident ever occurred in my home. she went on to say, i continue to believe in jerry's innocence and all the good things he has done. >>> a republican congresswoman says heads should roll as attorney general eric holder testifies about the botched fast and furious gun-running program. congressman jim sessen brenner grilling the attorney general again over what he knew about the operation and when he knew it. >> what are you going to do to clean up this mess? >> well, first let me make something very clear, and in res
a turn for and another designed thank you to this tragedy. >> jerry sandusky is speaking out against the sexual misconduct. in an interview with the new york times. joe paterno says that he did not talk to anybody about any sexual molestation/delegations. jerry sandusky is facing 40 counts. the longtime coach is saying that joe paterno only mentioned one of these cases to campus police. >> i told hamid that it did not happen. and my mind it was not inappropriate behavior. i said if you want, you could speak to the people that are involved. i told -- him. >>marty: sandusky is continuing to deny these charges. joe paterno has continued to be fired by not reporting these charges. and addition, the former president is also discharged. >>ysabel: the world side bombing in afghanistan killed three nato servicemen. this main focus is near the pakistan border. so far, 500 citizens have been with killed including 389 americans. in addition, the altar- conservative is showing the latest for the egyptian religious movement. this could limit personal freedom. there are radical views are saying th
and solve the debt crisis. we will tell you how the talks could affect the economy. >>> jerry sandusky. >> i'm attracted to young people, boys girls. >> we will hear more from his four-hour interview with "the new york times.." >>> this is the tiger woods we haven't seen in two years. we will see if the dramatic win means the old tiger is back "early" this monday morning, december 5th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> a good monday morning, everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. erica hill and chris wragge are off this morning. an ominous looking sky out there in new york city. coming up on the show, the kennedy center honors. on sunday president obama hosted a white house reception for this year's honorees and singers bosh rah barbara cook and neil diamond and yo-yo ma and sonny rollins and merle streep were all there. we will have much more from last night's celebration coming up later in the program. >> with caroline kennedy there. good stuff. >> maybe we will even sing. >> i don't know about that. >>> we begin with campaign 2012 where the repub
'm betty nguyen in for rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. >>> jerry sandusky's wife could also be charged because she allegedly did not stop him. >>> also in explosive new charges, the president of the amateur union is being charged with abusing two athletes. >>> first, though, we begin with the republican race for the white house. with the clock ticking down on the iowa caucuses, the candidates meet tonight in des moines for another debate. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds is there with details. good morning, dean. >> reporter: good morning, betty. well, every time the candidates engage each other is important, but now with the caucuses barely three weeks away, tonight's debate could be critical. for the front-runner and everyone else. before he can get much enjoyment out of his position at the head of the republican pact, newt gingrich is drawing fire. >> there is the 37 million dollars gingrich took from health and industry groups. >> reporter: his veneer of inevitability is gone and mitt romney is teaming up with supporters to bring gingrich back to earth. romn
allegations about jerry sandusky. gary schultz and athletic director tim curley are charged with lying to a grand jury and failing to report sex abuse allegations to authorities. then graduate assistant mike mcqueary is at the heart of the case and they say that he is going to testify possibly for the first time in public. he told a grand jury he saw sandusky raping a boy but curley and schultz remember inappropriate conduct. >>> police are trying to figure out what caused a accident that killed a parkville high school sophomore before 3 in the afternoon on the corner of putty hill and wilson avenues. 16-year-old ryan chase was hit by two cars as he was trying to cross the street. both drivers are cooperating with police and so far no charges have been filed. >>> this morning, ryan chase's family is trying to come to grips with the loss. his cousin talked to abc 2 news and told us about the 16-year- old and abc2 news corinne redman is here with part of the story. >> reporter: well, he comes from large family with roots in east baltimore. many family members gathered at a home on elwood
for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. a lawsuit has been filed that claims sandusky sexually abused a boy more than 100 times. this accuser is not part of a current criminal case involving sandusky. sky 9 was over the scene of a fatal crash in charles county, maryland around 8:30 this morning. state police say that one person was killed when their car crashed on route 6 and mill swamp road in hilltop, maryland. authorities are still on the scene investigates. so far, the victim's name has not been released. >>> at least one person was critically injured during a crash on the eastbound lane of the dulles greenway this morning. four vehicles were involved. at least one of those vehicles caught on fire. another vehicle is overturned. virginia state police are investigating. >>> politics in the commonwealth are about to get more interesting. because there could be a big fight for the republican nomination for governor. a republican spokesperson tells the "richmond times-dispatch" that attorney general ken cuccinelli will soon announce that he's running for governor in
. and the latest on jerry sandusky, one accuser officially files his claim against the former penn state coach. details coming up t
coach bernie fine is fired after men say he molested them as boys. fine said he's innocent and jerry sandusky, the former penn state football coach, charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he said he was mentoring. the head coach joe paterno and other top officials force out for failing to alert police after an assistant said that he told them he believed he saw sandusky molesting a child. stay with fox for the latest on penn state and all of the scandals in 2012. in new york, i'm rick fulbaum, fox news. >> and the news is not over yet. >> it is not. a few more days. >> for the scandals to come in. >> that's right. >> and hopefully the next few days are pleasant into 2012. >> and not tomorrow but cloudier. >> okay. >> and i think we'll have some 50s before we close out 2011. >> yeah. that is right and as we nto thi second. into all of this, we will talk about the fact that it's breezy out there. dress for it and most of the evening will be, too. the wins are staned at national, northwest at 49 miles an hour and we're getting gusts out there up over 20 miles an hour and occasio
>>> good morning. behind bars. jerry sandusky waking up in jail this morning after two new alleged victims claim they were molested by the penn state coach, one telling police he screamed for help knowing sandusky's wife was at home at the time. >>> break in the case. police find the cell phone of missing florida mom michelle parker. will the discovery help unravel her mysterious, three-week-old disappearance? >>> backing down. alec baldwin issues an apology and shuts down his twitter account in the wake of getting kicked off a flight in los angeles but it hasn't stopped the war of words between the actor and american airlines today, thursday, december 8th, actor and american airlines today, thursday, december 8th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to today. >> jerry sandusky's attorney says his client hopes to post a $250,000 cash bond today following the arrest on new charges of child sexual abuse. >> that's right, matt. the newest alleged victims to come forward, two young men who claim they were abused starting when they were just 10 and 12 years o
couple of days. get used to the cold, don. it's winter. >> one of jerry sandusky's alleged victims claims he screamed for help from the sandusky basement but no one came. how that base hadn't has become a key location for investigateors. that's next. >>> hot video out of hawaii. a stream of molton lava sends those living nearby scrambling. look at those pictures. oh, my gosh, can you imagine that coming towards you. that and more next as we go cross-country. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. >>> all right. good morning, everyone. we're going to take you cross-country right now. more confrontations and arrests as police in san francisco took down the encampment b
coach jerry sandusky is in court facing new sexual abuse charges. sandusky was cuffed and arrested at his home on yesterday. well, the new charges involve two more alleged victims, bringing the total now to ten. it is believed that the two came in contact with sandusky as his second mile charity. let's go down to cnn's jason carroll who joins us from state college, pennsylvania live. jason, we're expecting sandusky to be bailed out today. then what? >> reporter: well, first of all, let's talk about what he gets bailed out. we do know that just about half an hour ago his wife left his home which is located about 20 minutes from now. not sure if that's any sort of indication in terms of whether or not he might be released soon. currently being held on $250,000 bail. if he's able to post bail, don, he'll be unvery tight restrictions. he'll essentially be under house arrest. he'll have to wear an electronic monitoring device while he's under house arrest. in addition to that, he'll not be allowed to have my contact with victims or possible witnesses in the case and another condition of
mo -- momentum on his side. >>> just as jerry sandusky is about to face many of his accusers in court tomorrow, a new twist. >> that will be some drama at that hearing. >>> look at this cat right here. tomasino. he's from italy. a stray cat who inherited, get this -- $13 million. $13 million h. that is one rich cat. >> i was tempted to make a romney joke. but i won't. >> leave it alone. feeling good. i thought you would go there. >>> let's go to josh elliott. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, robin and george. that was great theater if nothing else. we'll begin with a developing story. anti-wall street protesters launching a new offensive this morning. planning to shut down port cities. along the west coast. expanding on action last month, targeting oakland. they're targeting san diego and los angeles, and all the way to portland, oregon, and anchorage, alaska. blockades are set to begin this morning. >>> breaking news overseas. more than a dozen al qaeda militants escaped through a tunnel from a prison in southern yemen. they include convicted killers
on to say, i continue to believe in jerry's innocence and all the good things he has done. in all sandusky faced more than 50 charges related to sexual abuse of boys but is out of jail again. under the terms of his release, sandusky is on house arrest, wear an electronic ankle bracelet and not allowed to have any contact with alleged victims or witnesses. some attorneys early on had said they were surprised given the grand jury presentment originally that he wasn't already on house arrest before these additional ten charge, but now he is. >> now he is. it's 13 minutes past the hour. >>> what's all new this morning, for the big tax hike looming for millions of american families in 2012, the senate voted down democratic and republican to extend the tax break into next year and is setting up a showdown between president obama and congress. the president saying he won't go on holiday break and neither will congress if this is not settled. >>> keeping an eye on an occupied camp in boston. a midnight deadline came and went for wall street protesters to clear out. police have not moved in yet. li
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